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Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update

Fulfillments back to normal

June 8th 2020

Fulfillments still delayed

Estimate for EU: 5-8 business days
Estimate for the US: 23-28 business days

May 8th 2020

Fulfillments still delayed – Update from our manufacturer:

We’re heading into a new month of the Covid-19 pandemic and we’re still seeing long fulfillment and shipping times industry-wide. Thank you for your patience while we’re dealing with these challenges, and thanks for sticking with us.

April 24th 2020

Our fulfillment times will be longer than usual. We’re closely communicating with our manufacturer to make sure they can supply us.

April 5th 2020

As many countries don’t accept incoming emails, we’re disabling shipping to all countries except US, EU & AU. Shipping time may be a bit longer than usual.

March 22th 2020

We’re actively following the latest developments about the Covid-19 outbreak. We want to keep you informed if it might impact your orders. At the moment all orders are still fulfilled, shipped and delivered. As of now, we don’t anticipate major delays in production so we’ll continue fulfilling orders.

Postal services are still working in the US and EU and all recent orders have been delivered successfully. We’re not aware of the situation in other countries. EU orders are shipped from our manufacturer in Latvia and US orders are shipped from North Carolina. As several European countries have announced stricter border crossing regulations, while cargo can still ship internationally, orders from our Latvia facility may experience delays.

We’re following the situation and are in touch with our manufacturer. We will post more updates as they come. If the situation change, we will adapt the way we take order accordingly. Whatever happens, you can be sure that every single order will be either fullfiled and delivered or 100% refunded if the situation get worse.

Stay strong ? & Stay safe ? .


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